Ulrich and Linda Walter - What we do

To say that we love Classic cars is an understatement! If ever there was a case for "unlikely thieves" of the heart, classic cars is it. Since moving to Cape Town, Kapstadt Südafrika were you to look for “Linda and Ulrich Walter” chances are that you would find Linda hard at work managing Motor Classic or us enjoying one of our amazing classic cars on the open Road. And don’t even mention classic car rally’s 


Many a time you will find Ulrich Walter literally on the "spur of the moment" stealing a minute out of his busy schedule to drive his favourite the Morgan plus around Cape Town in Südafrika, even if it’s only a run to the V&A Waterfront. 


Apart from being actively involved in the International Women's Club for Classic Cars enthusiasts, the German literature Club, and enjoying cooking  Linda also makes time to get involved in charity work, especially when the Red Cross’s Children’s Hospital in Cape Town is involved. 


When it comes to family live we try to do as many things together as possible. So whether it is Ulrich body surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving and lately kite surfing you will find us together, which kind of means our wetsuits never get to dry completely before being used for the next adventure in Südafrika