For Ulirich and Linda Walter Classic Cars is a Passion almost a dangerous Crime of the Heart

To say that we, Ulrich and Linda are passionate about Classic Cars especial in Südafria is truly an understatement. Just to prove how passionate we really are, our friends recently put us to the test on our commitment to classic cars at the V&A Waterfront Cape Town Südafrika of all places, whilst enjoying a drink with them at one of the many bars. We were tasked by a close friend Peter to see if we can differentiate “blind folded” no less what type of car we were sitting in. 


The Challenge being set, unbeknownst to us Peter had gambled that we would not be able to tell the difference between sitting in a Renault Clio or Mercedes S class Convertible, so without further adieu we were taken down to the V&A parking lot, the keys for the Renault Clio and the Mercedes S class Convertible were taken out and the Test began. We were both blind folded, Linda went first then I Ulli second. 


Well what can say we won, there was no contest and Peter had to concede, when it comes to classic cars, they have stolen Ulrich and my hearts and minds completely and utterly. In short his spontaneous test led to conclusive evidence we both have our hearts and minds, imprisoned and enchanted by the cars of yester year!


It is quite a well known fact amongst our friends that Linda is the main managing driving force behind Motor Classic. For the past 3 years and 6 months Linda has been overseeing the bookings and day to day running of the business allowing me, Ullrich Walter to concentrate on test driving the cars.


As you can well imagine, these classic beauty’s are worth a pretty penny and to ensure that none gets stolen we had to move our storage facility from Higgovale to a more secure facility in Vredehoek a few years ago. It was a necessary move on our part firstly to ensure that the cars are continually being watched by security cameras (almost like being in and underground prison) and secondly to be more accessibly for clientele in Cape Town.


So without further ado Ladies and Gentleman start your engines, it is time to join Ulrich and Linda Walter Südafrika for a classic Car Rally in and around the Western Cape. Over the past few months we have been privileged to have house hold names such as Francois Pienaar, the Ackermans and Craig Webster join us. 


We strongly encourage you to visit to see for yourself the amazing variety we offer. Classic cars is what we do.